Melanie Dekker - Secret Spot

A cd package for Vancouver recording artist Melanie Dekker.

Imperial Sign

Corporate website for Imperial Sign Corp. A Wordpress based site provides content management for Sign and Project photos and information.

Russell Food Equipment

Development of a corporate website for Russell Food Equipment. A Wordpress based site provides content management for Russell's catalogue, news and promotions. Art direction by SWCA

Metropolitain Chef

A Wordpress based website for Metropolitain Chef features a product display page that also serves as a custom AJAX based ecommerce store. It allows seamless shopping on the same page until the customer is ready to checkout and includes customized automated quatity based discounting and shipping calculator. The online store has proven to be a very profitable addition to their business. The site also features a shows calendar and blog features that keep their customers up to date.

Melanie Dekker - Distant Star

A cd package for Vancouver recording artist Melanie Dekker. I elected to do my own photograpy for this project and we travelled to the Kamloops, BC for the desert look found at the Kamloops Bike Park.

Melanie Dekker, What A Fool I Am Video

A simple music video project for Vancouver recording artist Melanie Dekker.

Spike Imaging

A simple informational website for Spike Imaging. This site provides company and contact information along with a simple css based portfolio of past signage work.

Melanie Dekker - Here & Now

A cd package for Vancouver recording artist Melanie Dekker, features cover artwork and photography by myself with additional inside panel artwork, ‘Heart on Sleeve’ by Kelly Warren, ‘Music of the Leaves’ by Carolyn Millard.


I provided design and template layout for this Wordpress based website for Quest Metal Works, a Vancouver based manufacturer of stainless steel industrial kitchen equipment and wares. The site features description of the company and its services and a full product catalog of their products. The Wordpress content management tools allow Quest staff to maintain the entire site.


A new website for Sybarite Design features a simple clean design with a custom administration site for their photo gallery.

Watson Gloves

Corporate website for Watson Gloves. Art direction by SWCA and backend catalog integration by Watson's IT consultants, My role was front-end design, html/css layout and overall production management.

Down To Earth

A website for General Paint shows off their Down To Earth colour collection. Each colour was named by an actual person from across Canada and the site tells the story of each colour. The site is built using Flash and ActionScript 3. It's a single frame movie and all movements programmatic based on user input.

Sharon Musgrave - Outflow

A cd package for Hamilton, Ontario recording artist Sharon Musgrave, features album Photography by Sabrina Armani and artwork, ‘Lotus Woman’, by Marjorie Borgella/

SM Products

Corporate website for SM Products. Art direction by SWCA. I provided front-end design, html/css layout and project management.

Vicky Sjohall - Simple Peasures

A cd package for Vancouver recording artist Vicky Sjohall, features photography by Rhonda Dent.


A corporate product introduction video for Encryptstick. The project is built using available product artwork and voice over sound file from Encyptstick's agencies, bBold and Mokamedia with extra stock photos and video clips from The entire 1:30 presentation was constructed and edited using Apple's Final Cut Express.

Canada Line

A redesign of a public information site for Vancouver's new Canada Line for the final year of construction. An expansion to Vancouver's existing Sky Train system, Canada Line connects our YVR Vancouver International Airport and the City of Richmond to Vancouver's downtown core. Working with SWCA, my role was the actual re-design which added more color and visual information aimed at creating excitement leading up to the Line's completion. I was also responsible for overall website project management and the design and coding of the animated, linked Flash banners, which displayed either randomized or selected time-to-destination information.

BC Hydro Site C

A redesign of the Site C section of the BC Hydro website. The redesign is mainly simple html and css but the real challenge was having to do all the work on-site at the BC Hydro offices, learning using their content management system and working within their existing site template.

Melanie Dekker's Acoustic Ride

A cd package for Vancouver recording artist Melanie Dekker. We extended the ideas from earlier poster work (see below) with foreground photographs by Noel Hendrickson and the B&W background image, 'Motel,' by goldhafen came from


A website for Vancouver recording artists, Oliver. Flash-based site with php/mySQL back end administration and product database management. Features advanced automatic (preemptive on-demand) page loading, dynamic content management, Flash-based shopping cart, mp3 player with playlist management, ubiquitous audio/shopping control strip.

Coco Love Alcorn's Sugar

December 2005: I actually completed the design work for Coco Love Alcorn's new cd over a month ago, but I'm always finding myself short on time when it comes to updating this site. This cd package was a team effort starting with a dress from Coco's Mom, followed by a beautiful set of photos by Vancouver photographer, Jessica Eaton. The rest was co-designed by Coco and myself. A complete pleasure and I'm very happy with the final result.